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Your Product ERP!

Parsel is a product cycle management platform for businesses in diverse sectors. It comprehensively covers inventory, warehouse, dispatch and delivery functions in a modular format and integrates AI driven solutions for route & vehicle optimisation and  fulfilment. Building Products is Building Business!

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Your Learning ERP!

myLearn is a data driven learning platform for organisations of all sizes and sectors. myLearn allows an organisation to deploy, track and analyse learning & testing across teams, units and locations. A unique Dashboard manages all your organisational learning in one place. Building People is Building Business!

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The Same Page

Your performance ERP!

TThe Same Page is a comprehensive and powerful performance management tool for organisations of all sizes. Data driven and easy to use, TSP covers OKRs & targets, sales incentives, planning & communication along with continuous tracking & analytics. Manage your entire business with one simple and effective tool..

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